ISC Joined Indonesia Coffee Festival 2013

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Indonesia Coffee Festival is annual event with the aim is to introduce and promote Indonesia Specialty Coffee and bring it to the higher level. This event involved downstream until upstream coffee national industry to be promoted to international. The theme that Indonesia Coffee Festival 2013 brought was “Kopi Tubruk the Local Lifestyle.”

In September 14th-15th 2013, ISC was taking part in Indonesia Coffee Festival 2013. This year, Yogyakarta was proud to host annual event of Indonesia Coffee Festival 2013. It held at the parking yard of Hotel Ambarukromo and Ambarukromo Plaza Yogyakarta. The participant has approached 17 participants and it comes from beyond of Yogyakarta.

It was a good start for ISC Yogyakarta to introduce our brand considering that ISC Yogyakarta have just established. Indonesia Coffee Festival not only held the exhibition but also held the coffee talk which educates the visitors and demonstration about coffee things.

Through this event, ISC has increase its brand image and has known as a distributor of green bean, roasted, powder coffee and also coffee machine. Moreover, by selling our ready to drink coffee, Yogyakarta knows the taste and quality of our product. By joining this event, ISC got any potential customer and began to be recognized among the coffee industry in Yogyakarta.

In conclusion, ISC hopes that we could annually taking part in this kind of event to show the existence in coffee industry. In the other hand, ISC also could develop the networking and always represent the finest Indonesia coffee.

ISC Participated in Library Exhibition at Pekanbaru

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Board of Library and Regional Archives of Riau Province held Library Exhibition for elementary (SD), junior high (SLTP), senior high (SLTA) of Riau. ISC Pekanbaru has participated on that event which held from September 24th-25th, 2013 at the yard of Library Building of Riau Province. It was the icon of Riau besides Governor Building.

This event was a form of mutual cooperation and also maintain a good relations between ISC Pekanbaru and local governance. Along the way, ISC Pekanbaru known has an active cooperation with Riau local government through some departments. In this event, ISC  gave a support by a door prize for the participant. As a participant, ISC  got a 1st Winner for Best Booth in Booth Commercial Sponsor Category.

ISC  hopes that we could always maintain a good relationship with the public including the government. It was a good opportunity to expand our business and increasing the awareness in Riau.

CSR Program by ISC Surabaya – “Our Blood to Surabaya”

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The importance of blood for every human becomes a particular concern in this lifetime. It based on the role of blood as transportation between the organs. Lack of blood caused the emergence of any indications that affect a human’s survival. That indications became a focus for social institutions likes Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to supply sufficient blood. The needs of blood become a main focus for PMI recently. Due to lack of blood in many hospitals while the need of blood is always increase. The irony makes ISC to cooperate with PMI to held blood donation with the theme “Our Blood to Surabaya.”

Our Blood to Surabaya has successfully held at Wisma BII Hall, Surbaya in September 17th, 2013. The blood donation has approached 61 participants which include ISC’s partner and Surabaya citizen. It was the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity that held by ISC Surabaya in 2013. For this time, ISC is in collaboration with PMI East Java as the implementation team. The aims of this event are:

-    As a brand activation from ISC Surabaya
-    Establish a good relationship with business partner who involved in ISC Surabaya
-    Socialization to the public on the importance of blood to life
-    Social activities to fulfill the availability of blood in the community
-    Form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ISC on society and environment sector

The implementation of this event gave a positive impact especially on our brand. It was because through organize this event, it shows our concern to all of public. Our Blood to Surabaya also reported by any media, such as Arek TV and Lensa Indonesia.

ISC hopes that this kind of event will be held annually to bring the goodness in the future for all of us. We also hope that ISC CSR program will always be on our agenda and always concern our environment from the nearest.

Visiting Pakpak Bharat Plantation

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ISC plantation is located at a lush mountainous area with an altitude of ± 1200 m asl. Fertile areas and the cold are caused by the eruption of Mount Merapi which formed Lake Toba. Our plantation is only about 60 km from the shores of Lake Toba, contributed to the stunning natural beauty of Lake Toba surrounding areas including Pak Pak Bharat. In addition, ISC plantation is the first largest private coffee plantation in Indonesia.

Last weekend, ISC team has visited Pakpak Bharat to inspect some things out. Administratively, the total area of Pakpak Bharat plantation is around 3,400 hectares which is divided into coffee plantation around 2,600 hectares and the remaining will be Galena Mining Project and Micro Hydro Power Project.  Refer to coffee plantation, the land that has been cleared and planted with coffee is around 700 hectares of area and another 1,900 hectares will be developed in 2014 – 2016. Currently, the land that has been progressively productive is around 100 hectares, as following:

-    Garuda, the total area is 75 hectares, and around 7.5 hectares of it has been successfully planted.
-    UCC, the total area is 100 hectares, and around 50 hectares of it has been successfully planted.
-    Gorat, the total area is 75 hectares, and around 5 hectares of it has been successfully planted.
-    Harimau, the total area is 400 hectares, and 10 hectares of it has been successfully planted.

From March until May in 2014, ISC is expecting to harvest 30 tons of coffee cherry.  ISC hopes that our plantation and all plans included could expand our business and could give the best to satisfy all of public’s demand on Indonesian finest coffee.

ISC participated in Wedding Expo 2013

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ISC recently participated in Wedding Expo 2013 at Mall Pekanbaru. In this good opportunity, ISC has cooperated with Hotel Aryaduta Pekanbaru to give a support of coffee machine. ISC support Hotel Aryaduta Pekanbaru who gave a free drink for a booth visitor. Through this event, ISC introduce and promote to the visitors about RTD coffee package with wedding and party concept.

ISC always open with any kind of cooperation. It was another good opportunity for ISC to promote its product with another concept. In addition, brand of  ISC more familiar in Pekanbaru and reported by any local media.

ISC in Lotte Mart Event 2013

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For the first time, ISC has cooperated with Lotte Mart which one of the biggest hypermarket in Indonesia. In September 22th, 2013 ISC was support the Singing Competition and Fashion Show event. The kind of support that ISC gave was a goodie bag for the participant. Not only have that, ISC also provided a free coffee drink for the committee.

Many visitors were interested with ISC it seen from many visitors who were attracted to our booth. It was a good opportunity for us to make a good relationship with Lotte Mart and cooperating on the next event.

ISC Participated in Riau Expo 2013

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ISC has participated in Riau Expo 2013 at the yard of Idrus Tintin Hall, Pekanbaru, from 15th to 21st September of 2013. Riau Expo 2013 was held by the Government of Riau while commemorating the 56th anniversary of Riau Province Government. This event was a multi event which combined the exhibition, talk show, entertainment, and various competitions.

Riau has potentials overload to be a field of investors to do any business, and the economic growth is quite good it could be seen from the low inflation rate. In this year, Riau Expo was attended by 200 small and medium enterprises (UKM). Riau Expo is annual promotion agenda which held without using APBD, but hosted by a third party. It combines the concept of cultural diversity.

Furthermore, ISC has participated by displaying and selling our core product. Through this event, ISC is known as one of the best coffee producers and coffee machine distributors. Besides, from this event, ISC  also got many prospective customers and had good opportunity to expand our business.

ISC was live reported by Gress FM – Pekanbaru as a media partner and also by Sumatera Cyber Data which the video was distributed to all of Districts and Cities of Riau. In forward, ISC hopes could participate in this event annually which could increase the awareness in each element.

ISC Cooperating with Ubay Residence

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Nowdays, business property becomes one of most reliable long term business investment. One of developers who are evolved is Ubay Residence. Ubay Residence is one of the leading property developers in Pekanbaru. Along the way, Ubay Residence develops its business to the higher level which makes Ubay Residence more familiar in property developer especially in Pekanbaru.

From September 12th – September 16th, 2013, Ubay Residence has successfully held “Pameran Tunggal Ubay Residence” for five days in Pekanbaru Mall. In this exhibition, Ubay Residence gave the opportunity to other parties to involve in this event and introduces their product to all visitors. Through this event, the other parties got free branding and advertising during the event.

This is the second time for ISC to support Ubay Residence’s event by providing coffee machine and gave free drinks to their potential customer. Through this kind of event, ISC  got any potential customer who interested with our product both coffee and coffee machine. In the other hand, ISC also engaged with Ubay Residence for any upcoming event and make a good relationship with it.

By joining in this event, ISC hopes that we could gain the awareness and also build the relationship with the public.

ISC Participated in 66th Anniversary of Pekanbaru Transportation Department

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In commemorating their 66th anniversary, Pekanbaru Transportation Department has sucessfully held fun walk, games, mini cross, and other fun games. By cooperating with private parties, it made the anniversary even merrier. The private parties in this event are the chosen sponsor with special qualification. Having a good relationship with the Government, ISC was also chosen as a sponsor to support the 66th Anniversary of  Pekanbaru Transportation Department.

This fun walk event has approached 1.000 participants which include the family of  Pekanbaru Transportation Department and also the public. In this event, ISC gave a support for door prizes voluntarily. This event was reported by local media, Gress FM Pekanbaru.

ISC hopes that by always joining this kind of event, it could show the existence of our company and built the trust with every element to support our business core.

ISC Participated at The SCAA 25th Annual Exposition in Boston

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ISC participated at the 25th Annual Exposition held by Specialty Coffee Association of America at Boston Convention Centre on April 12-14, 2013.

SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Conference and Exhibition is a unique show that deals exclusively with coffee. It tries to show all the aspects of coffee making from beans roasting, and grounding, SCAA events are extremely popular all over the country among industry professionals and regular people alike.

Visitors to SCAA Exhibition and Conference include coffee retailers, tea and coffee buyers, exporters, roasters, wholesalers, brokers, and representatives from the restaurant industry along with all the people passionate about their morning brew.

Exhibitors at SCAA Exhibition and Conference include Coffee manufacturers, coffee bean growers, Importers, equipment manufacturers, distributors, service providers and allied product providers.

During three days of exposition, ISC – represented by Mr. Irfan Anwar as the CEO, Mr Ikram Anwar as the CFO, and Ms. Naugan Simanungkalit as USA Regional Manager, gained many visitors as roasters, importers, traders, etc. Furthermore, being one of exhibitor in this international coffee exhibition and conference, strengthen ISC existence and presence in US market in particular and international coverage in general.

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