The Ministry of Trade of Republic of Indonesia has successfully held the largest trade show of the year: The 28th Trade Expo Indonesia 2013. It was held from October 16-20th 2013 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

For the second time, ISC has participated in this event by taking place in a booth and showed our flagship products, especially green beans for export and retail products. Not only selling the products, the visitors were also could taste the ISC’s coffee by ready-to-drink service that we offered. Besides, we also displayed coffee machines both the manual and automatic ones, and also coffee equipment such as Syphon. On the first day of the exhibition, we provide free samples all day long for all the visitors who came and stop by into our booth.

The enthusiasms of the visitors were extremely good. Many potential customers were interested with our product, both export and retail products. Moreover, many customers were also interested with our coffee machines. They would like to order and dig a deeper information for our company and all of our products.

Through joining in this annual event, we hope that ISC could expand our business and expand more networking to other links such as government, publics, and customers. ISC hopes that the existence of ISC product and ISC as a corporate could be increasing. Furthermore, we hope publics could appreciate our truly Indonesian coffee, and the uniqueness of Indonesian coffee could be more acknowledged in the world.