On September 27th – 29th 2013, ISC through its branch office in Bandung has participated a popular annual event in Bandung, Braga Festival. This event in the year of 2013 was held in Jalan Braga (Braga Street), Bandung. It is a festival that is held routinely every year by Indische Braga Kreatif, together with Bandung local government and Bandung Aesthetic Forum. This year’s theme was “Momento Mori” with a sole purpose to appreciate the work of legendary artists in Bandung.

Braga Festival 2013 was held for three days in a row in three parts of Braga street region which are Braga Pendek, Braga Panjang and Cikapundung. It was successfully participated by numerous artists, creative and culinary industry players from all across the town. The total amount of participant that swarmed over the place was around 3,000 people for three days.

ISC joined into Braga Festival 2013 taken a position in booth area of Braga Pendek to be exact. We offered some of our flagship products including Indonesia Specialty Coffee (ISC), Original Luwak (OL), and Indo Instant (II). Public not only could purchase those products, but also could enjoy our specialty coffee directly through the ready-to-drink service.

With a success of this event, ISC Bandung hopes to be more acknowledge by the public of Bandung. Furthermore, we all hope that the existence of Indonesian truly coffee could be more appreciated and loved by our own nation.