Cooperated with Ramayana Panam Square and Gress FM, ISC Pekanbaru branch office supported “Gebyar Musik”, which held for a day on October 6th, 2013 at Ramayana Panam Square, Pekanbaru.  This event held with the aim to attract the customer to stop by here. By making a good relationship with Gress FM as a radio partner of ISC Pekanbaru, it always gave a good opportunity for ISC Pekanbaru to participate on any events.

 In this event, ISC Pekanbaru provides many product to sell and also ready-to-drink with any variant of coffee. It was a good start for ISC Pekanbaru to build relationship with Ramayana by participating in their event. Moreover, through joining in this event, Panam Square gives an opportunity to ISC to open a Coffee Corner in Panam Square area.

ISC hopes that Pekanbaru branch office could grow and always increasing the awareness in a positive way. Besides that, ISC Pekanbaru could be supported by every element in Pekanbaru while providing the finest Indonesian coffee for the people.