As an agent of change, young generation should be involved in promoting Indonesia in a whole. Refer to that statement, ISC Pekanbaru branch office was participating in the election of “Indonesian Language Ambassador” held by University of Riau and Faculty of Indonesian Language.

This event was held on October 7th, 2013 at University of Riau with the aim to preserve the existence of contribution from young generation in developing Indonesia. The election was participated by any young generation who commonly are the college students from University of Riau, both male and female.

ISC Pekanbaru branch office was supporting this event by giving a presents and sponsor for the continuity of the event. Not only selling, through this event ISC Pekanbaru could show its existence through many promotional tools that was shown in this event. Hopefully, the awareness of ISC was increasing by always participating in any event, local, national, and international.

By continue participating and supporting this kind of event, it would open ISC to another opportunity to cooperate with another parties likes private parties and also the government. Moreover, ISC hopes through its branch office it could represent our image and could be well promoted.