As well as coffee, Fashion has becoming some kind of lifestyle to modern people nowadays. In line with that idea, ISC Pekanbaru branch office was participating in a fashion show event held by “The Central” Suzuya Pekanbaru and Model Management.

This event was held for a day on October 1st at the third floor of The Central building, Pekanbaru with a special purpose to find new talents in fashion and modeling, especially in Pekanbaru. The competition itself was participated by all elements of age, from children to the teenagers, male and female.

ISC Pekanbaru branch office was proudly celebrating and supporting this event together with giving some presents and sponsors to the champions. Moreover, through this event, not only selling products, we also got some further recognition from the public as one of the potential coffee players in Pekanbaru.

We are really looking forward to join into other good events in Pekanbaru. We hope that it could show the existence of our company and built the trust with every element to support our business core, especially in Pekanbaru and Riau province as a whole.