Indonesia Coffee Festival is annual event with the aim is to introduce and promote Indonesia Specialty Coffee and bring it to the higher level. This event involved downstream until upstream coffee national industry to be promoted to international. The theme that Indonesia Coffee Festival 2013 brought was “Kopi Tubruk the Local Lifestyle.”

In September 14th-15th 2013, ISC was taking part in Indonesia Coffee Festival 2013. This year, Yogyakarta was proud to host annual event of Indonesia Coffee Festival 2013. It held at the parking yard of Hotel Ambarukromo and Ambarukromo Plaza Yogyakarta. The participant has approached 17 participants and it comes from beyond of Yogyakarta.

It was a good start for ISC Yogyakarta to introduce our brand considering that ISC Yogyakarta have just established. Indonesia Coffee Festival not only held the exhibition but also held the coffee talk which educates the visitors and demonstration about coffee things.

Through this event, ISC has increase its brand image and has known as a distributor of green bean, roasted, powder coffee and also coffee machine. Moreover, by selling our ready to drink coffee, Yogyakarta knows the taste and quality of our product. By joining this event, ISC got any potential customer and began to be recognized among the coffee industry in Yogyakarta.

In conclusion, ISC hopes that we could annually taking part in this kind of event to show the existence in coffee industry. In the other hand, ISC also could develop the networking and always represent the finest Indonesia coffee.