ISC has participated in Riau Expo 2013 at the yard of Idrus Tintin Hall, Pekanbaru, from 15th to 21st September of 2013. Riau Expo 2013 was held by the Government of Riau while commemorating the 56th anniversary of Riau Province Government. This event was a multi event which combined the exhibition, talk show, entertainment, and various competitions.

Riau has potentials overload to be a field of investors to do any business, and the economic growth is quite good it could be seen from the low inflation rate. In this year, Riau Expo was attended by 200 small and medium enterprises (UKM). Riau Expo is annual promotion agenda which held without using APBD, but hosted by a third party. It combines the concept of cultural diversity.

Furthermore, ISC has participated by displaying and selling our core product. Through this event, ISC is known as one of the best coffee producers and coffee machine distributors. Besides, from this event, ISCĀ  also got many prospective customers and had good opportunity to expand our business.

ISC was live reported by Gress FM – Pekanbaru as a media partner and also by Sumatera Cyber Data which the video was distributed to all of Districts and Cities of Riau. In forward, ISC hopes could participate in this event annually which could increase the awareness in each element.