Nowdays, business property becomes one of most reliable long term business investment. One of developers who are evolved is Ubay Residence. Ubay Residence is one of the leading property developers in Pekanbaru. Along the way, Ubay Residence develops its business to the higher level which makes Ubay Residence more familiar in property developer especially in Pekanbaru.

From September 12th – September 16th, 2013, Ubay Residence has successfully held “Pameran Tunggal Ubay Residence” for five days in Pekanbaru Mall. In this exhibition, Ubay Residence gave the opportunity to other parties to involve in this event and introduces their product to all visitors. Through this event, the other parties got free branding and advertising during the event.

This is the second time for ISC to support Ubay Residence’s event by providing coffee machine and gave free drinks to their potential customer. Through this kind of event, ISC  got any potential customer who interested with our product both coffee and coffee machine. In the other hand, ISC also engaged with Ubay Residence for any upcoming event and make a good relationship with it.

By joining in this event, ISC hopes that we could gain the awareness and also build the relationship with the public.