This event began on Thursday, March 21st with Symposium Pre-conference (Coffee at the Crossroads of Science & Law), Coffee Gives Back NCA Day of Service (The Salvation Army at three of its outreach programs for San Franciscans in need) and finally, the Welcome Reception.

ISC – represented by Ms.Naugan Simanungkalit as USA Regional Manager joined the community service at the Adult Rehabilitation Center, where volunteers will help sort, stock, display, rotate, and repackage family store items that would help to support the facility’s live-in clients.

There are clothes, books, furniture, and beds donated and will be managed to be sold again to give back to the community. This adult rehabilitation center’s purpose is to help, support, and heal adult people who have an issue of anger management, drugs and alcohol addict, domestic issues, etc.

On Friday, March 22nd (the First General Session) – There were 10 topics conducted in general session. ISC was attending 4 out of 10 topics of this session, as following:

1. Economic and Market Prospects for 2013 and beyond.

The discussion was about the after-effect of the recession 4 years ago, where nowadays some aspect of economy has improved, others have deteriorated, and the longer term challenges have been growing.

2. Busting Out the Popular Myth About Coffee.

The discussion was about the old negative health myths about coffee that permeated popular culture and learns how scientific research has proven them wrong by countering them with current facts, figures and positive truths science has uncovered.

3. Sneak Peek, National Coffee Drinking Trends 2013.

Each year, NCA surveys consumers and publishes the industry’s gold standard for tracking American coffee consumption with over 60 years of trending data, behaviors and attitudes.

4. The Continuing Evolution of Sustainability and Certification Across the Coffee Supply Chain.

In this session, the top executives of two of coffee’s most prominent certification debrief attendees on current initiatives, applications and implications of coffee certification.

On Saturday, March 23rd (Second General Session) – There were 7 topics presented in the general session.

ISC was attending 3 out of 7 topics of this session, as following:

1. Sustaining the Supply Chain of Coffee Quality Through Collaborative Agricultural Research Funded by Industry.

In this session, executive director of World Coffee Research detailed the organization’s Global Multi – Location Variety Trial that focuses on testing productivity and quality of pure line and hybrid coffees alongside producing countries’ best varieties.

2. Differentiated Coffees: Sustainable Quality & Volumes.

This session explored in detail about the considerations and strategies required to produce quality, differentiated coffees that meet consumers demand. Among specific elements to be discussed are sustainable production, producing quality with volume, Arabica and Robusta agriculture, opportunities and perspectives, and what’s in store going forward.

3. Social Media: Engaging the World Through Games.

Social Media continues to grow rapidly in every possible direction, and there are many ways to leverage both the technology and cultural aspects for the business. In this session we learn how games can be a powerful tool to engage both customers and collaborators.

At NCA Convention, attendees were freely choosing which general session they would have like to joined, or having business talk in grand ballroom and visiting the booth.  Through this convention, ISC gained more knowledge, trend, and other coffee information that support the expansion of its business upstream and downstream as well.