Jakarta- December, at The National Congress (Munaslub) Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Industries (AICE), on Wednesday night (5/12) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Indonesia Specialty Coffee, Irfan Anwar, was elected as new Chairman of AICE the period 2012 – 2015 and replace previous Chairman, Suyanto Husein after gaining the most votes. Irfan lead after beating Saimi Saleh in the election by ballot, 85: 78.

Irfan who won an award from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2011, in a speech regarded as entrepreneurs who excel in building the nation by developing and promoting the coffee commodity markets around the world, invites, all members and stakeholders in order to work hard to promote the domestic coffee industry.

Indonesia’s coffee exports over the past three years show an encouraging development. The increase in foreign exchange from the export of the coffee sector is due to the increasing number of export volume of this type of instant coffee. If in 2010, the only instant coffee export volume reached 612 tons per month, in 2011 amounted to 600 tons per month, and in 2012 increased an average of 6,000 tonnes per month.

Coffee processing industry in the country grow. Domestic market share continues to grow with the level of coffee consumption per capita. “This shows that the government hopes to encourage downstream in the coffee sector success,” said Irfan who had chosen as a Best Business Man ASEAN 2012