Oregon, 20-22 April 2012 for the fifth times Indonesia Specialty Coffee joined as a participant in SCAA Exposition. This is an international event that held by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association Of America) as annual event that must be happened for every year. Placed in Oregon Convention Center, Oregon, Portland USA, there were many roasting companies, coffee supplier companies, beverages companies, coffee roasters, coffee machines company, and many countries single origin suppliers.

It started with the Symposium Opening by the President of SCAA, and the expo followed after it. Barista Competition held and became as one of the most wanted event in SCAA because it was the event when barista showed their proffesional skills to make coffee arts.

Visitors not only came from USA, but also from Japan, China, Europe, and other countries. Indonesia Specialty Coffeeas one the exhibitor opened it owns booth and presented our special single origin from Sumatera, Arabica Mandheling, specialty coffee beans such as peaberry, Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee. By presented those varies, many visitors attracted to come and had a discussion about Indonesia Specialty Coffee products and we gave them samples for the prospective buyers.

There were some of them asked about the term and condition to be a Kopi Luwak Distributor. Our existing clients also came special for Coffindo as following John Burton, Bodhie Leaf, Fresh Brew and Peaberry Ltd.  We visited for OLAM Booth to has a chat about coffee international market. Indonesia Specialty Coffee also met TOPER, Coffee Roaster Company from Turkey, which is as one of the best coffee roaster in the world.

This event was really excited, not only multicultural experiences that we got, but also it was our channel to promote about Indonesia Specialty Coffee as an exporter coffee company from Indonesia with specialty of single origin coffee.