ISC Joined Le Salon Du Chocolat in Paris

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Cocoa and chocolate industry plays a very important role in the world’s commodity. Le Salon du Chocolat is one of the important annual events held to celebrate the world of cocoa, chocolate and confectionery. Every year, this event has become a place to enjoy chocolate from all over the world, while also become a place to unify all players in this industry.

For the first time, ISC by its representative, Fitri Sulandary, has excitedly joined this not-to-be-missed event for four days. Located in Porte de Versailles, Paris, from October 30th – November 3rd 2013, the Salon du Chocolat was hosting more than 550 participants, chocolatiers, chefs and pastry chefs, cocoa experts, from more than 20 countries all around the world.

Along with the huge display of chocolate and confectioneries within three pavilions, various activities were also held to celebrate the world of chocolate, including Cocoa Show, Choco Demo, Chocolate Fashion Show, Chocolate Conference, Chocolate Awards and many more.

ISC’s representative alongside with 21 other representatives of Indonesian contingent, together with the support of Indonesian Embassy in France and with the help from Indonesian students’ community of Paris, united as one and offered Indonesia’s cocoa and chocolate to the world.

We all hope by joining this worldwide event and meeting with many key players in chocolate industry, it could raise the value of chocolate from Indonesia to the world’s community. As for ISC, chocolate is as important as coffee as commodities, and we hope to gain more opportunity in this industry in the nearest future.

The 13th Regional Meetings of PHRI East Java Sponsored by ISC

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Regional Government of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of East Java has successfully held its annual event, the 13th Regional Meetings (Musda). The 13th Musda was held from October 9th – 10th 2013 at Royal Tretes View Hotel. In this year, the theme that PHRI brought was “Enhance the Activity of Toursim by Empowering Tough and Competitive Business / Industry”. It was followed by 150 participants who are the owner and head of hotel and restaurant from all over East Java.

Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of East Java has an important role in the sustainability of ISC’s products. The participation of ISC’s product in PHRI has been giving a good impact especially in the product usage. Furthermore, it was an honor for ISC to get involved in their 13th Musda as a sponsor, considering that PHRI have a high qualification to be listed in their list.

In this event, ISC as a sponsor for 13th Musda of East Java had an opportunity to have a space in their lounge to introduce and promote our products. By mingling in every session, ISC could expand the networking and get in touch with many potential customers. Through our booth, the participants of 13th Musda could get deeper information, both of our products and our company. Moreover, in our booth, the Barista showed their skill in making coffee drinks by using manual espresso machine, Gino. It attracted many participants who were interested with our coffee machine by seeing the demonstration directly.

It has been always a good experience and opportunity to get involved in any events held by Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of East Java. By making a good relationship with PHRI, it could enhance ISC in the future. Through this event, ISC has shown its capability and its existence to be one of the Indonesian finest coffee sources, and public could be more acknowledged by our genuine product.

ISC in the 28th Trade Expo Indonesia 2013

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The Ministry of Trade of Republic of Indonesia has successfully held the largest trade show of the year: The 28th Trade Expo Indonesia 2013. It was held from October 16-20th 2013 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

For the second time, ISC has participated in this event by taking place in a booth and showed our flagship products, especially green beans for export and retail products. Not only selling the products, the visitors were also could taste the ISC’s coffee by ready-to-drink service that we offered. Besides, we also displayed coffee machines both the manual and automatic ones, and also coffee equipment such as Syphon. On the first day of the exhibition, we provide free samples all day long for all the visitors who came and stop by into our booth.

The enthusiasms of the visitors were extremely good. Many potential customers were interested with our product, both export and retail products. Moreover, many customers were also interested with our coffee machines. They would like to order and dig a deeper information for our company and all of our products.

Through joining in this annual event, we hope that ISC could expand our business and expand more networking to other links such as government, publics, and customers. ISC hopes that the existence of ISC product and ISC as a corporate could be increasing. Furthermore, we hope publics could appreciate our truly Indonesian coffee, and the uniqueness of Indonesian coffee could be more acknowledged in the world.

ISC Took Part in INASEP 2013

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Indonesia Agricultural Specialty and Export Product Expo (INASEP) was held by General Directorate of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products, Ministry of Agricultural in cooperation with PT. Interforum Convex at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali from October 4th – 6th, 2013. The aim of this event was to promote specialty agricultural products and export oriented products from any regions in Indonesia. INASEP 2013 was cooperating with the Government in order to develop the marketing of fresh and processed agricultural products for export and domestic marketing.

In this good opportunity, ISC in collaboration with Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (AEKI), took part in this event which was also scheduled for APEC delegations to present and introduce our specialty products and Indonesia exporter. INASEP 2013 was participated by Government, Non Government Organizations, Provincial; District; and City Government, BUMN and BUMD Company, UMKM, National Private Companies, Individual Companies, Banking and Financial Institutions, and others.

ISC had taken a booth in INASEP with the theme, “Agricultural and Plantation.” In our booth, ISC displayed our flagship product for export; green bean, and also our retail products . We also gave our brochures in goodie bags for APEC delegation to introduce and promote our truly Indonesian coffee. Our booth was visited by Expert Staff Minister of Agricultural Ministry, Prabowo Respatiyo Caturroso.

By participated in every event that involved the Government, ISC hopes our product, both export and retail, could be more acknowledged by public and could increase the awareness of our flagship product and brand. Furthermore, we hope that we could always participate in this kind of event to show the existence of ISC in Indonesia coffee industry to promote our Indonesian coffee to the whole world.

ISC has Participated in Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2013

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ISC through its branch office in Bali has participated a music festival named Ubud Village Jazz Festival in the October 9th to 10th, 2013. This event was held at Arma in Ubud, the remarkable town in the middle of the islands of Bali. This year’s theme was “Awakening Indonesia.” This event was successfully held for the first time and it is planned to be annually held and being one of the International Jazz festivals. Up to 100 renowned international and Indonesian jazz musicians had performed in this first Ubud Village Jazz Festival and it was visited by 2000 visitors.

ISC was also participating in Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2013 by having a booth in food and refreshment stalls area which was offering a new concept in accordance with this special event. ISC came with a different concept namely “Coffee Experience” by introducing the flagship of our coffee and offered many variant of coffee made by professional coffee espresso machine, Gino.

Through this event, ISC was also providing interesting experience to the visitors by involving them in making a coffee using manual coffee machine likes Syphon, Vietnam Drip, Plunger, and Mocha Pot. Moreover, ISC was having a different booth with a “Village” theme in accordance with this event by using a bamboo and thatched roof. The eye catching booth attracted many visitors to stop and come by at our booth.

Furthermore, we also gave some merchandise and stickers to draw potential customers. It drew many attentions of the visitors and our booth was enjoying some popularity during this two-days festivals. By using many coffee machines from automatic to the manual ones, we were also creating a good visitors enthusiasm.

ISC always opens with any kind of cooperation. By joining into Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2013, it will open many good opportunities, both in business field and for media relations. We also hope to build the existence of ISC as the finest Indonesian coffee source to be introduced to the public, and we hope for the Indonesian coffee to be acknowledged and acclaimed, both nationally and internationally.

ISC Bandung Participated in BRAGA FESTIVAL 2013

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On September 27th – 29th 2013, ISC through its branch office in Bandung has participated a popular annual event in Bandung, Braga Festival. This event in the year of 2013 was held in Jalan Braga (Braga Street), Bandung. It is a festival that is held routinely every year by Indische Braga Kreatif, together with Bandung local government and Bandung Aesthetic Forum. This year’s theme was “Momento Mori” with a sole purpose to appreciate the work of legendary artists in Bandung.

Braga Festival 2013 was held for three days in a row in three parts of Braga street region which are Braga Pendek, Braga Panjang and Cikapundung. It was successfully participated by numerous artists, creative and culinary industry players from all across the town. The total amount of participant that swarmed over the place was around 3,000 people for three days.

ISC joined into Braga Festival 2013 taken a position in booth area of Braga Pendek to be exact. We offered some of our flagship products including Indonesia Specialty Coffee (ISC), Original Luwak (OL), and Indo Instant (II). Public not only could purchase those products, but also could enjoy our specialty coffee directly through the ready-to-drink service.

With a success of this event, ISC Bandung hopes to be more acknowledge by the public of Bandung. Furthermore, we all hope that the existence of Indonesian truly coffee could be more appreciated and loved by our own nation.

ISC Pekanbaru Was Joining Gebyar Musik at Panam Square

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Cooperated with Ramayana Panam Square and Gress FM, ISC Pekanbaru branch office supported “Gebyar Musik”, which held for a day on October 6th, 2013 at Ramayana Panam Square, Pekanbaru.  This event held with the aim to attract the customer to stop by here. By making a good relationship with Gress FM as a radio partner of ISC Pekanbaru, it always gave a good opportunity for ISC Pekanbaru to participate on any events.

 In this event, ISC Pekanbaru provides many product to sell and also ready-to-drink with any variant of coffee. It was a good start for ISC Pekanbaru to build relationship with Ramayana by participating in their event. Moreover, through joining in this event, Panam Square gives an opportunity to ISC to open a Coffee Corner in Panam Square area.

ISC hopes that Pekanbaru branch office could grow and always increasing the awareness in a positive way. Besides that, ISC Pekanbaru could be supported by every element in Pekanbaru while providing the finest Indonesian coffee for the people.

ISC Pekanbaru was Supporting Indonesian Language Ambassador

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As an agent of change, young generation should be involved in promoting Indonesia in a whole. Refer to that statement, ISC Pekanbaru branch office was participating in the election of “Indonesian Language Ambassador” held by University of Riau and Faculty of Indonesian Language.

This event was held on October 7th, 2013 at University of Riau with the aim to preserve the existence of contribution from young generation in developing Indonesia. The election was participated by any young generation who commonly are the college students from University of Riau, both male and female.

ISC Pekanbaru branch office was supporting this event by giving a presents and sponsor for the continuity of the event. Not only selling, through this event ISC Pekanbaru could show its existence through many promotional tools that was shown in this event. Hopefully, the awareness of ISC was increasing by always participating in any event, local, national, and international.

By continue participating and supporting this kind of event, it would open ISC to another opportunity to cooperate with another parties likes private parties and also the government. Moreover, ISC hopes through its branch office it could represent our image and could be well promoted.

ISC Pekanbaru Was Celebrating the Fashion Day 2013

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As well as coffee, Fashion has becoming some kind of lifestyle to modern people nowadays. In line with that idea, ISC Pekanbaru branch office was participating in a fashion show event held by “The Central” Suzuya Pekanbaru and Model Management.

This event was held for a day on October 1st at the third floor of The Central building, Pekanbaru with a special purpose to find new talents in fashion and modeling, especially in Pekanbaru. The competition itself was participated by all elements of age, from children to the teenagers, male and female.

ISC Pekanbaru branch office was proudly celebrating and supporting this event together with giving some presents and sponsors to the champions. Moreover, through this event, not only selling products, we also got some further recognition from the public as one of the potential coffee players in Pekanbaru.

We are really looking forward to join into other good events in Pekanbaru. We hope that it could show the existence of our company and built the trust with every element to support our business core, especially in Pekanbaru and Riau province as a whole.

ISC Paid a Visit to SCAJ 2013

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Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) has held its annual event of coffee festival from September 25th – 27th, 2013. This year’s event was also marking the 10th anniversary of SCAJ itself. With the theme “The Best Coffee Experience”, SCAJ 2013 offered a perfect chain of events to the coffee lovers from seed to cup, whereby customers could enjoy the very best specialty coffee experience.

Held at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 4, SCAJ 2013 has successfully drawn attention to its 22,841 visitors for three days. With a full support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, some seminars and competitions have held, such as:


•    Coffee producing country seminars
•    Company seminars
•    Committee seminars

Competitions in 2013:

•    Japan Barista Championship
•    Japan Siphonist Championship
•    Japan Cup Taster’s Championship
•    Japan Hand Drip Championship
•    Roast Master’s Championship
•    World Siphonist Championship

Through its representatives, Ms. Naugan Simanungkalit, as USA Regional Manager and Ms. Nabila Raisya, as International Marketer, ISC paid a visit to SCAJ event of coffee festival from September 25th – 27th, 2013 paidsome visits to the client’s booth to expand the long term business relationship, conduct some meetings with many new potential customers, and promote the single origin coffee from ISC paid a visit to SCAJ event of coffee festival from September 25th – 27th, 2013 coffee plantation located in Pakpak, Dairi, North Sumatera, where about more than 400 hectares of the plantation was the acquisition from one of coffee company in Japan.

Moreover, the mission itself was to have Indonesian coffee to be more established to the coffee players in Japan. We all hope that Indonesian coffee could be better known and loved, not only by Japanese coffee lovers, but by all coffee lovers from around the world and ISC could escalate its distribution channel in Japan market as well.

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